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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a revolutionary software that enables one to take calls over the internet. Below you can read about the latest VoIP news and trends and about the best VoIP companies in the industry. From guides to how-to's to articles - we cover it all!

how does a VoIP work

How Does VoIP Actually Work?

A number of VoIP providers now offer businesses a way to cut costs significantly while enjoying features that traditional phone connections can’t offer...

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5 reasons to use voip

5 Reasons to get VoIP for your business

You may have heard the buzz about VoIP software being used in business and thought about how long your business can survive without one. It's become clear that VoIP is not only here to stay but is becoming a necessity for anyone who's serious about growing their business...

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VoIP and VPN

How VoIP and VPN Services Combine For Better Security

VoIP services are making a splash on the business scene thanks to their advanced features. Making long distance calls for a fraction of the price, holding conference calls with staff members or clients across the world and checking your...

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VoIP security tips

Top 4 VoIP Security Tips for your Business

/ Top10Best Staff

Business VoIP uses encrypted data to make and receive calls. It's a really secure method of communication. Even so, what are our top 4 tips that we would recommend for making business VoIP as secure as possible? Read on.

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best mobile voip

Choosing the best mobile VoIP app for your business

what exactly is mobile VoIP, how can it support both small and enterprise level businesses, and what are the trends to keep on top of to stay ahead of the game? With the help of some of the top VoIP providers in the country, we’ve outlined everything you need to know to make smart choices for your business needs...

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auto attendant advantages

The Best VoIP Auto Attendant Features

When considering the switch to a VoIP phone system for your company, it makes great business sense to use auto attendant software. Such a system frees valuable human resources for tasks that are...

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Top 5 Business VoIP Providers