How VoIP Can Bring Two Separate Offices Together

VOIP allows various offices to work together with minimal costs. A VOIP connection provides employees with the flexibility to call from office to office with minimal costs. A VOIP PBX system will make communication and call transfers easier because the system handles the bulk of the technology transfers. When remote offices and telecommuters are working together under a single system, every company will become more efficient.

How to Connect to Remote Offices

Networking PBXs is the primary way to connect multiple remote offices together. This configuration will allow for desktop-to-desktop calling, single voicemail, call transfers, and shared answering positions. Networking PBX can also connect to mobile phones and ring them as if they are an office landline. The system works just like a traditional PBX system, but the hardware is different and more expensive. The calls, however, are more affordable than traditional PBX systems.

Benefits of VoIP

1. Enhance Productivity by Delivering Voicemails to Outlook
VOIP can help companies with productivity by delivering text versions of voicemails to your Outlook. This helps employees communicate with each other with minimal disruption on the road. Most small businesses are using VOIP for this type of enhanced functionality.
2. Have a Dedicated VoIP Line
Every company should have a dedicated VoIP line to improve the connectivity and sound quality of the call. When data and voice are separate, the likelihood of voice quality being compromised is minimal. Some companies have their dedicated VoIP servers in the offices, and routers will route the call traffic over the Internet.
Small offices can get away with running their VoIP with a DSL connection only, but larger offices need something more robust. Robust solutions will require a router, firewall, and a network that recognizes router and firewall QoS tagging.
3. Keep in Mind that Cable Modems Don't Work Well with VoIP and Data Traffic
Cable modems are not recommended for VoIP. Though there is a significant amount of bandwidth, it does not help with a crystal clear delivery. You'll need a separate Internet connection and VoIP connection if you have more than five VoIP phones.
How VoIP Can Bring Two Separate Offices Together
If you want to save money and have your office appear seamless no matter where your employees are located, you can use VoIP IP PBX systems to accomplish this goal. When your offices are working together for minimal costs, you'll be pleased with the results. Contact a representative to determine how VoIP can bring the two separate offices together.

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