Taking a Look Back to When VoIP First Began

It Started Out as a Hobby

Nearly twenty years ago, the concept of Voice over Internet Protocol was born. It actually began as an experiment as hobbyists began to dabble in the idea of sending out voice data via the Internet, cutting the standard phone company out of the loop and eliminating long distance phone charges. Computer wizards added finesse to the concept and Internet Phone software was developed in 1995. In its initial stages, anyone using VoIP would need the software on their computer in order to communicate over the web. Sound cards and microphones were a necessity as well. Connections didn't always work and the sound wasn't of first rate quality, but it was a step in the right direction, one that would actually change the world of communication. By 1998, small companies jumped on the band wagon and began to offer VoIP to customers in limited areas. Consumers could communicate via the phone, rather than through the computer, although they needed to be connected to a personal computer as well.

VoIP's Evolution Over the Years

At the close of the 90's, VoIP truly evolved thanks to innovative companies such as Nortel and Cisco Systems. Advances were made as the whole process became less dependent on a computer. Equipment was created that could effectively switch voice data into a format that could be accessed by the public phone networks. This lead to more affordable production of VoIP and phone companies began to offer VoIP as well, recognizing the practicality of cutting costs. Quality broadband Internet service became standard in the early 2000's, paving the way for widespread use of VoIP.

The Impact of VoIP Today

Mobile phones get all of the attention as the average citizen walks around with a pocket computer, a computer in a watch, or even glasses that conceal a computer device as well. However, VoIP has made it possible to build a bridge of communication across the globe in a cost effective way. A connection to the Internet and a computer go a long way, allowing people to make long distance calls at a fraction of the cost via traditional phone lines. Further innovations have included the ability to have video chats as well, putting a face to the voice and promoting positive, commercial relations. VoIP has had a monumental impact on the business world, allowing the gamut of small businesses and large corporations to get vital messages across while saving money. In time when economic hardship and fierce competition has made it difficult for businesses to thrive, VoIP is one measure that can make all the difference in balancing a budget. As Internet connections improve in leaps and bounds, it won't be surprising if VoIP becomes the main mode of communication in the near future.

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