Why You Should’ve Switched to an Internet Phone Yesterday

People are increasingly relying on their cell phones, and many are abandoning landlines altogether. For many reasons, though, it's still smart to have a phone in the home. Fortunately, that doesn't mean you have to keep paying for expensive traditional telephone service. By switching to an Internet phone plan instead, you can enjoy the perks of having a phone at home without all the hassle and expense that goes along with traditional landlines. If you haven't explored the benefits of VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol, technology yet, it's time you gave the matter some serious consideration.

How it Works:

With a traditional telephone plan, you typically pay per minute. Most plans include a maximum number of allowable minutes for local calls; if you exceed that limit, you pay more. Long-distance calling isn't usually included, and you have to pay extra. Those charges are usually tacked on to phone bills, leading to some very unpleasant surprises. Unlike traditional phone service, VoIP is powered by the Internet. If you already have Internet service, you have almost everything you need to start using this technology. Calls are sent using the data network that's used to deliver Internet service to your home, so you don't have to pay extra to make and receive calls.

Benefits of Internet and Phone Service:

The benefits of using VoIP at home are considerable. A few of the most exciting examples include:

  • Choose Your Own Number - With VoIP, you can choose any number -- any virtually any area code -- you want. This type of service is not limited by geographical constraints, so you can have a New York number in California, for example. If you have a number you like and want to keep using it, you can easily port it for use with an Internet phone.

  • Enjoy Extensive Features - Traditional phone service is sorely lacking in terms of extra features, and the features that are available tend to cost extra. The typical Internet phone plan includes a wide array of features, and you don't have to pay extra to use them. From personalized ring tones for different callers to unified messaging, which allows you to switch between voice calls, instant messages and other forms of communications with ease, VoIP service will change the way you communicate.

  • Stop Being Tethered to Your House - When you switch to Internet telephone service, you don't have to stress out about being home to take a particular call. VoIP is delightfully portable. Just bring your Internet-ready phone with you -- or install an app on your smartphone -- and make and accept calls wherever there's an Internet connection. You can even set it up so multiple phones ring when a particular number is called.

  • Adjust Your Settings with Ease - If you've ever tried upgrading or changing services with a traditional phone plan, you know what an ordeal it can be. Internet telephone providers make it easy by providing you with an intuitive interface. Over the web, you can change your call forwarding number, enable anonymous call blocking and change all kinds of other features and options.

Stop being a slave to traditional phone companies. Switch to VoIP home phone service today! Need help choosing? Check out our tips on how to choose your VoIP provider here.

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