The Best Call Center Software Providers of 2017

If your company or organization wishes to run a call center or contact center, it will require some kind of call center software. We have reviewed the leading companies that can provide you with a virtual call center, so that all you need to do is consider which one best suits your company's particular requirements and - of course - get in touch with them about a quote.

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With many companies around the world now using call center software and providers like the aforementioned specializing in every solution from inbound to outbound call center software, we thought that you may wish to know more about what such software is, how it works and how your business could benefit from it.

Introducing the world of VoIP solutions:

'VoIP' is an acronym meaning 'Voice over Internet Protocol', which is, in a nutshell, a phone service delivered over the Internet. VoIP offers both cost and functionality advantages over the more traditional provision of phone service by a phone company.

The abilities that VoIP solutions give agents, such as the ability to work from any location with an Internet connection, has led to their considerable popularity in recent years. However, given that not all VoIP service providers are able to offer 911 or 411 services or phone directory listings, some call centers still combine a VoIP plan with a traditional phone service.

What you need to know about Call Center software:

While the term 'call center software' may seem self-explanatory, different software providers and solutions naturally offer different advantages and disadvantages. That is why we make it easy for you to compare providers by reading through our comprehensive reviews.

Call center software plans are by no means consistent in their feature sets and price levels. Your own chosen software may include Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) technology, for example, for assigning inbound agents to incoming calls, thereby maximizing productivity.

When comparing our call center software reviews, you may also encounter references to computer telephony integration (CTI), which enables the integration or coordination of interactions on a telephone or a computer, and interactive voice response (IVR), which is how phone systems process a telephone call's voice waves or touch tones.

How could your firm benefit from Call Center software?

Great VoIP software doesn't just allow your firm to run a basic contact center, also making active contributions to your company's productivity, flexibility and bottom line.

Such a solution will make possible the smooth and effective management of the calls that your business initiates and receives. In the age of cloud based software, contact center agents are also increasingly empowered to work from anywhere without the need for traditional hardware, software or a phone line.

Another vital consideration when choosing a VoIP provider is the payment model, and sure enough, the best software plans will make it easier for your organization to budget and free up ongoing expenses for projects of greater importance.

Don't look any further than our comprehensive call center software reviews when seeking the best provider and phone plan for your own firm's contact center.