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With press from CNN, Fox Business, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, it’s hard to overlook Grasshopper in your search for a VoIP provider. Founded in Needham Massachusetts in 2003, Grasshopper has gone from strength to strength in its first decade of trading. More than 150,000 customers can testify to the strength of Grasshopper’s service, which goes against the grain of traditional VoIP by utilizing phone lines rather than online connectivity.

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Named after the insect’s ability to project itself surprisingly well for its size, Grasshopper is designed to make smaller businesses sound larger and more successful through an outstanding customer service system.


Grasshopper is predominantly based on receiving incoming calls and projecting a professional image of your company to customers, giving your business the ability to run solely on cell phones and the Grasshopper system. When signing up for an account, you’re opening a vast range of options:

  • Select toll-free, local or vanity numbers
  • Access unlimited extensions
  • Access voicemails by e-mail and online
  • Enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Enable call forwarding to anywhere in the world
  • Unrestricted contracts – alter, change or terminate at any time
  • No hardware required no get started
  • Find me/Follow me feature allows configuration of dates and times per number
  • Free additional phone lines

Grasshopper’s use of phone lines rather than broadband gives it a distinct advantage over the competition when it comes to call quality. Loss of WiFi signal or internet connectivity can disrupt a VoIP phone call, but not only will Grasshopper’s network stand up to this – it’s also outstandingly easier to set up in the first instance.

VoIP Plans

There are four plans on offer through Grasshopper, each priced on a base cost per month. This base cost either includes a set number of minutes, or gives a fixed price per minute.

The Max plan is the premium option on offer from Grasshopper, weighing in with 10,000 minutes per month, 3 numbers, unlimited extensions and unlimited voice studio. The Grow plan is the middle-ground most popular option, dropping to 2,000 minutes per month and 2 numbers. Ramp is the next plan which is cheaper still and drops to 500 minutes and 1 number, while Pay As You Grow is the least expensive and the only plan to offer a rate-per-minute option instead of a fixed number of minutes. Obviously the larger and more demanding your network, the higher you would scale your plan.

VoIP made simple with only four steps to start calling anywhere for a great price


Pricing ranges from $12 to $199 per month on flat fees, with the Pay As You Grow plan incurring an additional 6¢ per minute on top of this price. All plans are subject to a free activation, which normally costs $25.

Name of Plan Monthly Rate

Pay As You Grow
















Normally, pricing would also detail the cost per fax page and outbound calls – but Grasshopper is exclusively an inbound service.

Ease of Setup

Setting up your Grasshopper system can be done entirely online and requires no installation or hardware, as the network taps into existing phone lines. Through this rapid set-up, you can choose the use your existing number or select an entirely new one. You can also set up your greeting here, construct call menus and add extensions. It’s an incredibly easy and simple process, one of the most intuitive we’ve come across.

Customer Support

We’ve come to expect no less from a reputable VoIP provider, but it’s always reassuring to find a 24/7 support system. You can choose to get in touch with Grasshopper through this toll free system, or make use of the Knowledgebase and FAQ on the website. There’s also an option to ‘Submit A Request’ which is like an e-mail/support ticket system, great for more detailed problems. Don’t forget that you’re entitled to a 30-day money-back guarantee with Grasshopper.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, Grasshopper is offering something different to its competitors and is leading the way well. Focusing on inbound calls for smaller businesses and opting to use telephone networks, there’s nobody else like Grasshopper and the Massachusetts outfit defaults to be the very best. Take nothing away from the provider though – a fantastic website, considered support and accessible pricing all combine to make it a top choice for anybody seeking a VoIP service.

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