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Executive summary

Intermedia is a great scalable VoIP solution, with 24/7 customer service and affordable pricing for standard VoIP service. Some features may require additional premiums.

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Best For:

Intermedia’s VoIP is ideal for smaller businesses who may need to customize service bundles, and growing businesses looking for scalable solutions.

Intermedia Highlights

  • Transfer existing numbers to maintain branding

  • 40+ calling features available

  • Enterprise-class security


  • 24/7 customer service available

  • Smart800 toll-free numbers

  • Utilizes high quality Polycom and Cisco hardware (phones)

  • CloudPBX VoIP, meaning no major hardware investments

  • 12-month 0-down financing on phones


  • Some VoIP phones may not be compatible

  • Mobile application/softphone access requires additional cost

  • Additional cost for dedicated fax with limited monthly minutes

Value for Money

Intermedia offers two plans for its business VoIP customers – the standalone plan and a bundled plan.  The standalone plan is $30.99 per user per month. This includes unlimited domestic calling within the United States. Surprisingly, there are no details about international calls to Canada, witch many VoIP services treat as domestic, alongside the U.S. This plan also comes with over 40+ standard VoIP features along with SmartConferencing.

The bundled plan includes the standard hosted PBX service plus access to Intermedia’s full office in the cloud suite. That includes Lync secure, instant messaging, click to call and more. The cost starts at $39.99 per user per month. In addition to the Standard features from the previous bundle, you also get an auto-attendant included.

The downside is that without the bundled plan, you have to pay for a number of services they consider premium, like an auto-attendant. That’s a standard feature for many business VoIP services, but will cost you an additional fee each month to add. On the upside, the standard and bundled plans will save you some money over piecing together services individually from the company.

Compared to other providers, there’s decent value for the money but expect to pay a bit more than the average per user, per month once you start adding in extra features.

Future Scaling

Since Intermedia uses what is known as a hosted PBX solution (all the equipment is hosted offsite with maintenance, upgrades and security handled by the company), the end user (you) saves a great deal of money not only on install but on scaling up. There’s no hardware to purchase, and no trained personnel to keep in place.

As your business grows, you’ll be able to add extra premium services, or switch bundled plans, to get more flexibility and functionality out of your VoIP. While this can increase the monthly per user cost, it’s good to know there are extra services, tools, and value-added features available from Intermedia.

Ease of Setup and Management

Since Intermedia has been a cloud service provider since 1996, they have a tremendous amount of experiencing in managing and maintaining this type of VoIP solution. Customers have access to an intuitive and easy to manage administrative dashboard for handling groups, call rules and routing, auto attendants, virtual mailboxes and more.

Setup is extremely simple, with all the work done for you. Should you purchase the phones through Intermedia they will come ready to work right out of the box. Simply plug them into your internet connection and you’re online.

If you use your own VoIP ready phones, consult with Intermedia. They may not be compatible and may have to be provisioned before they can be used.

Customer Service

Intermedia has an attractive customer service division, which is critically important for growing businesses. Not everyone operates during traditional daytime hours, so having access to round-the-clock support is great to see.

Intermedia’s service team is available via toll free number 24/7. If you prefer not to call, you can use the online portal to open and follow up on support tickets. Likewise, their staff will respond to questions and support issues through social media as well as the live chat on their website.

For those customers who like to try and manage/troubleshoot issues before calling, there’s a number of tutorials and other helpful content in the online knowledgebase.


Mobility isn’t an issue for Intermedia users, as the company offers a softphone service you can use to make calls from any web-connected PC or laptop. For those who travel and aren’t tied to a desk phone this can be extremely convenient. Unfortunately, it’s not a part of the standard service like you see with many other VoIP providers. Intermedia actually charges an additional monthly fee for softphone access, and considers this to be a premium service addon.


​The cost, plus features, make it a great choice for small to mid-size businesses. The additional cloud services offered by the company make it a great solution, especially with the savings offered in the bundled plans. The scalability is certainly there, but depending on the number of employees and needed features, it could become a bit pricey for larger businesses compared to some other providers.

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