Jive Review

Company Overview:

Jive Communications supplies VoIP services to big businesses and institutions, specializing in Hosted VoIP to cater for big-scale operations where a reliable service is key. They are a global VoIP provider and provide VoIP software for business all over the world. They are able to do this thanks to their Jive Cloud platform, specially designed to enable hosted VoIP services at a low cost to business of any size.

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Jive offers a number of features and uses a sort of “pick’n’mix” method that lets you design your own package as you want and need it to be for your business. Jive is constantly developing and stays on top of the latest features that are available in the VoIP market.

Currently Jive offers:

  • Unlimited calling minutes

  • Toll-free and local numbers

  • An online fax service

  • Call attendant, shared voicemail, and call queues – call queues are virtual so your customers don’t have to wait and a representative can just call them back.

  • Virtual numbers – the service can be used on a computer only (so without an actual phone) and a virtual number will be assigned.

  • Create custom schedules have hold music and access your phone system remotely

  • Producteev software

  • Find-Me/Follow-Me - allows your calls to ring on your office line, your cell phone and any other specified telephones, which means you never miss a call.

  • The ability to include 11 attendees per Jive Conference Bridge

  • Real-time chat, screen sharing and video conferencing

  • Full Microsoft Outlook integration for better access to client contact information

  • Mobile/ cell phone / tablet / iPad / android compatible

VoIP Packages/Plans:

Jive offers five different pricing options and these depend on the number of users on the system.

Plan 1 is for companies with 1 – 4 users priced at $29.95 / user per month

Plan 2 is for 5 - 9 users, at $25.95 / user per month.

Plan 3 is for 10 – 24 users at $23.95 / user per month.

Plan 4 is for 25 – 49 users at $21.95 / user per month.

Plan 5 is for companies or enterprises with more than 50 users and is priced at $19.95 / user per month.

All plans offer unlimited calling minutes, toll-free and local numbers, and an online fax service.

Jive also offers a number of different products and packages that offer different features and systems. These are: Jive, Jivex, Jive Custom and Producteev.

Customer Support / Ease of Setup:

You can request a demo or a free trial from Jive to get to grips with the product, but this almost isn’t necessary given how easy the setup is. It’s a simple case of plugging your phone into the internet and configuring your settings. That is all you need to get you started. If you do get stuck, you can call or email customer support.

There are also events that take place worldwide and user groups that have been put together so customers and users can share their experiences and tips on using the products.

Bottom Line:

Jive’s products are super easy to set up and manage. The features, even for small- to medium-sized businesses are enterprise-class and the only downside is the fact that there are no tools to allow you to manage your users in bulk. That’s not a problem for the smaller companies, but bigger businesses may want to watch out for it. Ultimately, Jive offers a flexible VoIP service that is all about giving you the features you want without unnecessary extras.

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