Best Business VoIP Providers of 2017

VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, most commonly refers to a phone service over the internet. This technology is the best way to keep your company connected. If you have a good quality internet connection you can use your land line phone service through your internet connection instead of through a phone company. Check out the best VoIP service providers for your business today!

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The Benefits of Using a VoIP Service

VoIP or voice over Internet protocol services are currently sweeping the nation. Currently, millions of businesses and individuals use some variation of the voice over Internet protocol services. The services came into the world in about 1995 as a way of enabling people to have voice conversations with other people over the Internet as opposed to going through phone lines. Incorporating such services into your business can benefit it in so many ways that it would be a crime not to do so. The following is some information about mobile VoIP that you can review before you make the decision to use it for your company. 

What Is Voice Over IP?

Voice over Internet P is a group of technologies that allow people to have voice conversations over the Internet. Some of the common alternative names for mobile VoIP are IP telephony, broadband telephone service, online phone and Internet telephone. The online phone system takes the voices of the people who are talking and digitizes them over the network. Those digitized files then get delivered to the other parties.

Benefit of the Internet Telephone System for Business

The virtual phone number system can benefit your business in many ways. One way that you business can benefit from using VoIP phones is by cutting the operational expenses. VoIP phones and packages cost much less than the price that your business would spend on telephone hardware and regular telephony service. In fact, some businesses and individuals have reported a price cut of up to 80 percent since they switched to virtual telephony service and the online phone call theme. Another benefit that VoIP can bring to your business is convenience in portability. You can literally take your business with you when you have a a virtual phone system. You can connect with people wherever you are for an online phone call. All you need to do is have an Internet connection to make it happen. 

A third benefit of VoIP phone service is that you can receive better voice quality that you would receive under regular telephone service and even mobile telephone service. VoIP phone service used to be light years behind when it first came out, but now it easily surpasses the quality of other systems. You can also avoid signing contracts when you switch to Internet telephone. Many telephone providers want you to commit to their services for at least one year. Some of them would like you to commit for many years. Internet telephone providers do not ask for such a commitment. You can pay on a monthly basis, or you can go ahead and pay up for an entire year if you have the resources. The providers understand that you may not have the resources. Nothing but positive outcomes can occur for your business by switching to Internet telephone. That is why so many businesses are getting involved with it today. They all want to succeed, so they make the process as convenient as possible for businesses and individuals alike. 

Popular Features Offered With an Internet Telephone Provider

Voice over IP service offers features for businesses and individuals. Some of the most common business features that you will see from an Internet telephone provider are features such as auto attendant, call center software, virtual phone number assignment, call routing, hold music, transcription, call screening, conference calling and so much more. Call center software is suite of services to tend to the call center specifically. Such features may include cold call generation, lead contact reminders and the like. Auto attendant is a service that can automatically answer your calls so that your reps can handle other tasks. A virtual phone number is a business number that you can choose to give your customers so that they can contact you easily. You may want to choose a vanity number or an easy-to-remember number. Transcription is a service that takes your messages and converts them into text that shows up in emails. Be sure to do a feature comparison of your choices before purchasing your VoIP system.

How to Choose a Provider

Many Internet telephone providers exist, so you may find it intimidating to think about choosing one. The process is easy, however. The qualities that you want to search for are high consumer ratings, a surplus of features and fair pricing. The ratings are important because they give you an overall picture of the prospective provider. You should never do business with a provider that has a star rating of less than three stars. You can almost guarantee a poor experience if you do so. You can sift through our top 10 list and read through our expert reviews to get some ideas about where to start looking for a provider. 

Now that you know all of the features that switching to VoIP can give you, it would be quite difficult for you to justify not making the switch. Start searching today for a virtual phone system that can help you to boost the quality of your business operations.