Top 10 Virtual Phone System Providers

If you have never heard of making a phone call through the Internet, you may be puzzled by the concept of the virtual phone. This is a method that organizations and individuals have been using for years to make cost-effective phone calls via their Internet connection. In fact, it's easy to connect your laptop or desktop computer to a headset with a microphone and use the Internet to talk on the phone. You would never have to buy a traditional telephone or connect it to the local phone company's services. See the best Virtual Phone System providers below.

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Think Contemporary

It’s easiest to think of an Internet phone as a contemporary solution for companies that don’t want to invest in traditional desk phones. With a virtual system, there is no need to invest thousands of dollars in a private branch exchange (PBX) system, which includes your own expensive switchboard. There is no cost for buying each new phone set and then waiting for a technician to arrive from the phone company and manually add a line. You can add as many users as you need to as long as they are supported by your Internet phone service plan.

How It Works

This kind of telephone system uses a digital switching system instead of a traditional switchboard system, enabling the staff in an office to conduct all telephone calls coming in and going out through a Local Area Network (LAN) connection. What’s even better is that everyone can be using their phones through the same data connection, and there is no required investment in additional phone lines. You might need to purchase more headsets for new employees.

Getting VoIP

A headset phone or a desktop phone will easily connect to a virtual system, which operates via the Internet data connection. A virtual telephone system uses voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP) to link you, the user, with a user on the other end of the connection. Through the Internet phone, you can talk clearly to someone with a landline phone, a mobile phone, or a VoIP phone. There will be no detectable difference in the quality of the conversation, and the person you are talking to will not know you are using a virtual phone.

Start Leveraging Cost Savings

Many organizations prefer to use a virtual telephone system because of the high degree of scalability. In the basic sense, the organization agrees to a monthly or yearly package offered by an Internet-based provider. This is usually done after making comparisons among different providers through a consumer web portal. Newcomers to the virtual telephone concept may be attracted to a plan that includes the use of many virtual phone numbers. Essentially, your provider furnishes numbers that you can put on your website and in all of your print, web, and mobile advertising. Callers can telephone your business and speak to a live person connected to a computer. Start leveraging the savings of VoIP today.