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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a revolutionary software that enables one to take calls over the internet. Below you can read about the latest VoIP news and trends and about the best VoIP companies in the industry. From guides to how-to's to articles - we cover it all!

6 Steps to Choosing your VoIP Provider

/ Top10 Staff

A VoIP service is far more cost effective than a regular phone. Besides significantly lowering costs, you can get all the benefits associated with a traditional service like 3-way calling or caller ID that are now considered indispensable...

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Vonage VoIP

An In-Depth Look at Vonage Essentials

/ Sarah Pritzker

Vonage Essentials is a fully cloud-based, robust, and reliable communications system that includes over 40 business features and unified communications.

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Compare Business VoIP Features, Plans and Pricing

Compare Business VoIP Features, Plans and Pricing

/ Top10Best Staff

No matter which company you choose, VoIP services provide a reliable, portable solution for businesses of all sizes—and often costs less than a traditional landline package. As long as you have an internet connection...

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how does a VoIP work

How Does VoIP Actually Work?

A number of VoIP providers now offer businesses a way to cut costs significantly while enjoying features that traditional phone connections can’t offer...

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5 reasons to use voip

5 Reasons to Get VoIP for Your Business

You may have heard the buzz about VoIP software being used in business and thought about how long your business can survive without one. It's become clear that VoIP is not only here to stay but is becoming a necessity for anyone who's serious about growing their business...

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Top 5 Business VoIP Providers