International Calls Made Cheaper With Cellphone VoIP

Thanks to VoIP telephony, terms like “long distance calls” and “roaming call” will soon be a thing of the past. VoIP runs off the internet. And the internet is a global network where distance is irrelevant.

Follow these tips to make sure you save big time when calling to or from abroad with your cellphone.

If you've got a wifi connection, your VoIP phone service will work anywhere!

Location, Location, Location

First, let's make sure that we're going travel to and stay in locations where there is free WiFi access. This means you can place calls over VoIP rather than via cellular. If you’re travelling around a big city, it’s a pretty safe bet that your hotel will have free WiFi.

There'll also likely be some sort of free city-wide WiFi access. It's always best to check though. An easy way to do this is with an app called “Wi-Fi Finder”. Why not download it now before you forget? Best of all, the app is totally free!

Vonage Business and Grasshopper VoIP services connect really well with this type of access.

Disable Roaming Calls

Roaming cellular calls are still incredibly expensive. A 5 minute call could cost you an unbelievable 20 bucks plus.

It’s too easy to accidentally dial a number from your phone keypad as well rather than through your VoIP app. To guard against this, it's best to disable cellular calls. The way you do this varies slightly from handset to handset. Basically, all you need to do is turn on airplane mode on your phone. This'll also disable WiFi but you can then manually re-enable WiFi when you’re in airplane mode.

Switch Off Roaming Data

It’s the same deal as above when it comes to roaming data. One megabyte of data (about 10 Google web searches) can cost a fistful of dollars. Doing it via WiFi is usually free though. Make sure you disable the 3G or 4G data you get with your cellular subscription.

Choose a VoIP App Which Supports More Than One Account

There are thousands of VoIP providers out there. All of them are incredibly keen to get your VoIP business. A lot of them offer free minutes every month. What's great about this is that you can use all your free minutes up with one. Then, start with the free minutes on your second account and so on.

The one difficulty here is that many of the VoIP apps available only support one VoIP provider at a time. VoIP software like Zoiper supports multiple accounts. If you use this from the off, it makes it much easier to save money this way.

Making International Business Calls

Make international business calls without worrying about long distance costs and roaming fees

The first four tips were really for when you are on holiday. That said, they could equally apply to the travelling business person.

What about if you are based mainly in America but frequently call an important supplier in England? The best bet in this case is to search for a VoIP provider in England that offers free, or substantially free, calls to numbers in that country.

Remember, there's no concept of long distance in VoIP. Connect to a local provider in England (even if you're still in the States) and calls to England will be either free or at local rate.


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