inContact Review

Company Overview:

inContact has been in the VoIP field for a while and indeed is something of a pioneer of the cloud-based solutions that are currently in vogue. The company was established by Paul Jarman in Bluffdale, Utah in 1997, and with its current headquarters in Midvale, Utah, it has built up a strong client base that includes more than 70 Fortune 500 companies. inContact therefore has obvious relevance as a provider of VoIP solutions to bigger businesses, thanks to a combination of powerful packages, leading-edge innovation and considerable industry experience, although it does also cater for smaller firms.

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  • 1,000 min/month of local and long distance within the U.S. for day-to-day business calls directly from the VoIP telephone

  • Free in-network calling for VoIP customers

  • Caller ID

  • Call waiting

  • Click-to-call

  • Unified messaging

  • Voicemail with 5MB of storage

  • Voice to email

  • Simultaneous ringing to multiple numbers

  • Call intercept

  • Selective outbound call blocking

  • 3-way conference calling

  • Call forwarding

  • Last call return

  • 900/976 block

VoIP Packages/Plans:

As aforementioned, inContact offers a service for agents as well as for businesses - the one that you choose depends on which best fits your circumstances and budget.

If you are happy with a basic service that can handle contacts delivered from inContact in addition to performing extension-to-extension dialing within your business, the basic service may serve you just fine.

However, for business users that seek a broader range of PBX-like features, it is often the business-oriented package that makes by far the most sense, giving them access to the most advanced features, ranging from call intercept and filtering to multiple message notification options and free in-network calling for VoIP customers.

Customer support / Ease of Setup:

The inContact VoIP suite is easy to use, whether your organization is a small company or a large enterprise. Customer service and support applications can be found within the suite itself, or you can reach the site team via the main inContact website, which provides an online contact form as well as telephone and mailing address details.

Bottom Line:

With an easy-to-understand selection of VoIP service plans and an impressive feature set - particularly in the case of the business service - it isn't difficult to see why inContact has built up such a strong reputation in the VoIP field. inContact has a strong track record of innovation and quality that it is continuing through its current VoIP services.

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