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​MegaPath Highlights

  • 99.999% Availability- Industry Best

  • MegaPath One for Unified Communications

  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee


  • 50+ Calling Features

  • Unlimited National Calling

  • Unlimited International Calling for Enterprise

  • No Contracts

  • 24/7/365 Support


  • Extra charges for certain features, including call recording and e-fax

Ideal for

Startups and growing small businesses.

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Executive Summary

With over two decades of experience, MegaPath are giants in the Business VoIP world. They offer three competitively priced VoIP plans for small to medium businesses, starting from $19.95 per month. MegaPath One is the app for Unified Communications, allows staff and clients to seamlessly take part in web and video conferencing on the move, and the company offers more than 50 features for professional and intuitive business voice calls.

About MegaPath

Founded in 1996, Megapath has experience and brand power behind it. Operating for over 20 years, the company employs some 300 people devoted to bringing best-in-service VoIP to businesses across the U.S. Offering powerful cloud communications and connectivity of all kinds, they are known for their array of business products, from Business Internet, to Private Networking and Security. Their VoIP is feature-rich, including intelligent UC features for any growing business to improve productivity and realize cost-savings, too.

MegaPath VoIP pricing

MegaPath pricing

MegaPath’s range of VoIP plans start at $19.95 a month, with improved plans that cost up to $39.90. Each plan’s rate is based on a per month, per user rate.

The first option is called Business Voice, and it costs $19.95. It includes unlimited national calls, and over 50 features. Premium Business Voice is the next step up, and costs $29.95. This includes the MegaPath One UC features, which are for unified communication. These are great tools for more heavy business use, such as web conferencing, integrated messaging, mobile to desktop call pull, and desktop sharing.

The most premium choice is the Enterprise Voice, which costs $39.90 per month. Notably, this comes with unlimited global calling, making it perfect if your company does a lot of international business.

Extras which will be charged separately include, auto-attendant, hunt group, voicemail, and toll-free numbers. There are also add-ons in terms of support and security, such as data backups, remote IT support, and managed security services.

MegaPath VoIP Equipment

MegaPath’s range of VoIP plans start at $19.95 a month, with improved plans that cost up to $39.90. Each plan’s rate is based on a per month, per user rate. For example, if you opt for the Enterprise Voice plan, with 5 employees, your monthly base rate would be $39.90x5, or $199.50.

MegaPath has a number of handsets in its range that it can provide to its VoIP customers. The equipment is from top brand names, including Cisco, Polycom and Panasonic. The phones are organized by categories, making it simple to choose the right ones for your business needs. The categories are:

  • Executive

  • Office Worker

  • Cordless Phones

  • Receptionist

  • Conference Rooms

  • Fax Machine

  • Analog

MegaPath offer phones which range from simple VoIP phones, to video and touchscreen phones for easier and more intuitive conference calls and UC.

For smaller businesses, the MegaPath One app can be linked to a desktop computer, tablet or mobile device. The softphone offers much of the same functionality to the customer that they can get if they purchase VoIP-specific handsets on offer from MegaPath. It’s a great choice for small businesses, start-ups, or those on a tighter budget.

MegaPath Support

MegaPath offers US-based support 24/7 for all its available plans, accessible via toll free number. In addition to dedicated phone support, as a customer you also have access to a trouble ticket system to have matters handled efficiently.

There are dedicated support portals for both SMBs and Enterprise users, as well as a Voice Learning Center which covers all the features of your VoIP service. In terms of troubleshooting quality or reliability, there’s a specific area to look for Network Status updates, but MegaPath boast 99.999% availability which is the best in the business.

Most impressive is the availability of the MegaPath remote support team who can work you to get you back up and running quickly if you have other technical issues.

We would love to see a FAQ section which outlines the ‘need to know’ basics, but the search bar in the top right of the screen does bring up support articles on any topic you choose.

MegaPath International VoIP Calls

The “Enterprise Voice” plan, currently priced at $39.90, gives users inclusive international calling over the course of a month, subject to its fair usage policy.

If you still do global business, but international calls aren’t frequent, the lower priced plans still allow for international calling. You’ll just be billed at a per-minute rate which is fairly standard in the industry. The benefit here is that you’re only paying for the minutes you use rather than an increased monthly fee or purchasing minutes in blocks If you expect to make international calls regularly, check MegaPath’s current business VoIP rates for international calls, or consider investing in the Enterprise plan.

MegaPath Features

MegaPath offers over 50 services with its VoIP plans.

Alternate numbers, anonymous call rejection, busy lamp field, call logs & call detail records, call notify, call park, call pickup, call return, call transfer, call waiting, calling line id/blocking, calling party category, consultation hold, customer originated trace, directed call pickup with barge-in, distinctive alert/ringing, diversion inhibitor, do not disturb, extension dialling, fax messaging, hoteling, line status monitoring, message call back, message waiting indicator, priority alert, push to talk, selective call acceptance, selective call rejection, speed dial 100, voice messaging, and "0" out voicemail option.

For users on the move, MegaPath offers: advanced call forwarding, find me/follow me, MegaPath anywhere, sequential ring, simultaneous ring, teleworker solution, voice communications toolbar, and voice manager (mobile & desktop).

One of VoIP’s biggest strengths comes in seamless collaboration between co-workers. MegaPath offers the following three highly-regarded features: audio conferencing, up to 13 way calling, and visual voicemail.

Controlling and manipulating the system so it behaves just the way you want is easy with the following inclusive benefits: management portal, account codes, receptionist, company directory, e911 service, music/message on hold, and shared call appearance.

MegaPath Popular Add-Ons


Think of an auto-attendant much like your very own virtual receptionist. This can help you route calls quickly and easily by names or extensions. It can also provide information such as opening hours, or location, as well as out of hours greetings.


As well as handling voicemail for your business, this also supports fax in the same mailbox.

Call Center

Think of the call center feature as a heavy-duty auto-attendant. Automated, smart call directing and distribution to help with peak call times.

Hunt Groups

By opting into this tool, the business will enable features such as simultaneous ringing, sequential ringing, and weighted distribution.

Toll-free Numbers/ Vanity Numbers

Easy to remember or free numbers to make it simpler to get new customers to contact you.

Call Recording

Call recording for both incoming and outgoing calls. Help managers supervise their call center and support staff, manage compliance regulations and keep your finger on the pulse of the customer.

Forwarding Numbers

Most popular with businesses who want to appear local to customers who are abroad.

MegaPath Unified Communications Mobile App

MegaPath One is the name of the increasingly popular cell phone app for subscribers to Megapath’s business VoIP service. The app is available for both iOS and Android users and works on both smartphones and tablets. Whatever your hardware choice, it will keep you connected in the field.

The idea behind Unified Communications is to connect more of your staff, more easily and intuitively. The app includes capabilities for web and video conferencing, which includes instant messaging and desktop sharing. This improves teamwork, speeds up decision making, and allows colleagues to get together for scheduled or spontaneous meetings, even if they are separated by geography or time differences. The app allows staff to include guests from outside of the company from Google Chrome, with no download needed. It also encourages teleworking opportunities, and allows for staff to be productive on the move.

MegaPath Software Integration

Integrations are also available from MegaPath One to make your business work even more seamlessly. The Microsoft Outlook integration is popular, and allows users to chat or call directly from the app. Skype for Business is also an option, allowing staff to seamlessly place external calls from their Skype for Business desktop client. This works with Office 365.

The CRM App integration might be the most impressive however. It takes minutes to set up and allows for users to enjoy click-to-dial functionality, automatic call logging, advanced call analytics and caller-info screen popups. This is all within 25 CRM applications, including Salesforce and Zendesk.

MegaPath Business VoIP Round-Up

MegaPath offer world-class VoIP at an affordable rate, ideal for small- to mid-size businesses who need a scalable solution. Backed up by a very well-established and well-respected internet, IT, and networking company, customer reviews are nearly all positive about support and service alike.

The pricing can be attractive for start-ups, just keep in mind that some features, like the auto attendant and the voicemail, don’t come standard compared to many other business VoIP providers. You’ll want to weigh the costs of adding those premium features into the monthly charge if you need them.

For larger enterprises doing business overseas, the unlimited global calling and mobile accessibility for traveling/remote teams is very attractive, and can save you a tremendous amount depending on your call volume.

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