Nextiva Review

Company Overview:

Founded in 2006, Nextiva is a multi-award winning telecommunications company with the aim to make your business more productive through better communications. Almost everything about the site is user friendly - the VoIP services provided are comprehensive and the customer service system is that age-old concept of people, who know their product at the end of a phone and are willing to talk to you when you call. Although Nextiva specializes in small – medium sized businesses, they care about the bigger picture too. Nextiva teamed up with in 2009 to help protect the planet as well as your business. At the heart of this company is an ethos of supporting people and that’s what sets them apart.

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Nextiva offers a wide range of features and these are put together in a variety of packages that can be tailored to fit your business. Here are the office plan features that are offered:

  • Unlimited calling

  • Unlimited faxing

  • Mobility - access your system anywhere from any device - compatible with iOS and Android

  • Keep your number

  • Auto attendant

  • Nextiva anywhere –never miss a call

  • HD Voice quality

  • Voicemail to email – integrate your account with Outlook and have all voicemails automatically emailed to you as an audio file

  • Call queueing

  • Instant conference calls

  • Call record options

VoIP Packages/Plans:

There are a number of pricing options based on the plan you’re going for and the features you want to include. The best way to work out the cost is to contact one of the sales advisors, as they can help you work out what is best for you. However, all the plans offered have what Nextiva calls the “communications standard” which includes unlimited calling and faxing, local toll free numbers and conference bridge, among other features.

Business Phone Service: this has two plan options, one is called Office pro, which starts at $19.95 / month and the other is Office Enterprise, which starts at $29.95 / month.

Call Center Plans: a vast array of features are available, including some add-ons that you can pay a bit extra for, to ensure that you can keep track of your call center and that the calling is optimized for the business, the customer and the call agent.

Nextiva Connect: This package is for people who are on the go all the time and includes a number of options starting at 100 minutes/month ranging up to unlimited call time. You can sign up for a monthly or annual package.

vFax: Virtual faxing ensures your documents are transferred quickly and efficiently. Plans available are 500 pages, 1000 pages and 3000 pages. Prices start at $4.95 / month and there are monthly and annual options.

Phones and Devices: Want to make sure your package is fully supported? You can buy specially made phones, modems, adaptors and fax bridges to ensure that you get the most from your Nextiva plan.

Nextiva App: Combines voice, video and IM into one application, which allows you access from any of your devices and is supported by Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

PBX SIP Trunking is also offered and all plans can be tailored to suit your business with a variety of add-ons and payment options.

Customer support / Ease of setup:

Not only can you put together your package online, there’s a live sales chat window that appears when you’re on the website and a representative asks if they can help. You can discuss product options there, or you can request a quote by email by filling in your details, what you’re looking for and on what scale you operate. Someone will contact you with the package options that are relevant for your business size.

The customer service for Nextiva is based solely in the US. The company prides itself on having people at the end of the phone and not an automated service. You can contact them by telephone, email or an online chat service. There is also a list of FAQs and there are numerous rave testimonials to the quality of the service from customers.

Bottom Line:

The website is quite overwhelming because of the number of options you’re given and how many features are offered. It’s not all quite as simple to find the right plan for your business as Nextiva would have you believe. However that shouldn’t put you off - the customer service is outstanding. The highly trained support technicians are there to prevent any confusion and ensure you have the best package for your business. There are obviously great reasons Nextiva has so many awards under its belt!

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