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As its slogan states, Ninja Number is a “simple phone system that lets you concentrate on business.” You only need to download the app to your current smartphone and you’re ready to do. The idea is to simplify all of your communications needs by implementing an easy-to-use virtual system that comes with you wherever you go, 24/7. It does this through a simple mobile application that offers smaller businesses the ability to always stay connected with their clients and portray a more professional, executive image. With a user-friendly interface, a wide feature suite, and easy scalability, Ninja Number is doing a good job of keeping small companies in the business communications race.

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  • Easy setup with mobile app

  • Voicemail

  • Call forwarding

  • Virtual assistant

  • Multiple extensions

  • More features constantly being added


  • Mobile app is a work in progress

  • Text messaging is not available yet

  • No international calling features

Standout Features

Ninja Number has some useful features that will help any business handle its communications more efficiently and professionally. Here are several that really stand out:

- Voicemail

Voicemail is a pretty standard feature for most phone system management software, but Ninja Number adds a little style to the basic tool. All voicemails are recorded and collected into a database. Ninja Number will save your voicemails as MP3 files, so you can attach them to your client files and save them there. No more shuffling through hundreds of saved messages to find the client you are looking for. This is a significant timesaver and a real game changer for most businesses.

- 24/7 Hotline

The hotline is an easy way to build brand consistency. Customers hear the same voice constantly, building confidence as well as informing your clients. You can add updates, change greetings, or even track return on investment on marketing campaigns with this system.

- Call Forwarding

The most basic and yet most crucial virtual communications tool is call forwarding. It allows your business to be in all places at all times without necessitating the major expenses that such availability would normally cost you. With call forwarding, Ninja Number directs any incoming calls to the phone number you’ve specified.

So, you can answer work calls even while you are vacationing in the Bahamas. You can also make phone calls from other phones using your business phone number, so you come up on caller ID as your business (instead of a private number). With call forwarding, customers can reach you 24/7.

- Reporting

Ninja Number ties your phone system’s data input to recording algorithms to give you helpful insights and valuable customer and employee analytics. See how marketing campaigns are performing, discover which employees are ranking extremely well, and learn more about your customers’ behavior patterns with a detailed reporting tool.

- Voice to Text

Voice to text is one of the most convenient features you’ll find in any communications management software. Ninja Number makes checking your voicemail even easier by transcribing those sound clips into a transcript that you can read anywhere and anytime. That means if you are in a meeting, on a crowded bus, or in a noisy room, you can still get the important messages you need.

The one improvement we would like to see from this company’s features offering is to add more of the essential elements that some of the competition offers. That being said, Ninja Number is constantly working on adding new features, so while presently there is no mobile app or text messaging availability, clients can look forward to both those features, as well as text to voice, in the near future.


Integration is seamless with Ninja Number since there are no equipment or software updates to worry about (more on that below). Ninja Number can be used with any phone, database or software so that every business can utilize its strengths for their own benefits.

Value for Money

Ninja Number offers members 3 plan options, and each is priced according to the features and numbers/extensions bundled into the package. It's nice that Ninja Number provides a solution for just about any small to medium-sized business; its basic plan is reasonably priced and suited for even a single employee company. Here are the options:

- White Belt Plan

This is the most basic plan that you can choose from Ninja Number. It’s for really small businesses that don’t want to look like a one-man show, but rather give off a more professional air to their customers. Using a smart virtual phone system, you can appear to have a whole staff of call agents, extensions, and departments. White Belt Plan features include:

  • Unlimited minutes

  • Virtual assistant

  • 24/7 hotline

  • Virtual PBX

  • Call forwarding and reporting

In general, this is a more robust feature set than most basic plans include, so Ninja Number earns big points for that.

- Purple Belt Plan

The next level up is the Purple Belt Plan. This option gives you a little more flexibility with your business plan, offering more phone numbers and extensions than the basic plan. Additionally, you’ll receive all of the basic features and more including voice to text, an invaluable tool for employees who are always on the go.

- Black Belt Plan

Lastly, you can opt for the Black Belt Plan, the most comprehensive option from Ninja Number.


White Belt Plan

Purple Belt Plan

Black Belt Plan





Number of employees

1-3 employees

4-10 employees

10+ employees

Number of phone lines

1 phone numbers

3 phone numbers

5 phone numbers

Number of extensions

3 extensions

6 extensions

Unlimited extensions

Additionally, Ninja Number provides free activation and unlimited minutes for every plan, a tremendous value for money. You can also utilize its free trial to see if Ninja Number is the right fit for you. A free trial speaks volumes about a company’s credibility and confidence in its own product, so the fact that Ninja Number offers one is a good sign.


When you are running a small business, mobility is key, because you and your employees are doing all of the work, all of the time. You can’t afford to miss a call or have your information inaccessible because you are away from your desk. Mobility gives you the ease of an office at any location. Since everything is on the cloud, Ninja Number’s virtual phone system is totally mobility-friendly. It’s the ultimate work-on-the-go system, providing instant access to all of your database information and contacts, direct calling from your mobile device, and 24/7 connectivity with call forwarding to your mobile or home phone.


Ninja Number is highly scalable. With 3 plan packages to choose from, business owners can start out small, get used to the system, learn their needs, and apply their use cases. When they evolve beyond the most basic White Belt Plan, members can seamlessly scale up to the Purple or even Black Belt plans with no difficulty whatsoever. As mentioned, the system is entirely cloud-based, so you don’t have to worry about updating software, upgrading hardware, or switching out connections for anything as you scale either way.

One other noteworthy point is that when you scale either up or down, you still keep your same phone number. This is vital for brand continuity and basic good business practice. If you had to switch your business number each time you wanted to scale, it would be a major headache, expense, and hardly worth the service being provided. Ninja Number lets you keep your number no matter which plan you switch to.

Equipment, Ease of Setup & Management

The beauty of Ninja Number is that it is effortless to both set up and maintain. You have no equipment to plug in or wire into; there are no extension boxes, cords, or plugs to deal with either. The entire communication system is virtual, so everything is done on your phone. There is no need to buy any additional hardware, and setup is taken care of in minutes.

The virtual assistant is also easy to set up. Once you’ve created your Ninja Number account, you can simply set the virtual assistant to your desired preferences. If you are away and don’t want to deal with business calls, set the calls to go automatically to voicemail. If you are in a meeting or out of the office for the day, forward your calls to a co-worker who can handle the work instead. Whatever your preferences, the virtual assistant is a simple click and set system to set up.

As Ninja Number puts it, with all the money you’re saving, you can hire a real assistant to make your business run even more efficiently.

Ninja Number Customer Service

Ninja Number has a friendly persona across the entire website, so it’s only natural that its customer service should be amicable as well. Ninja Number’s customer support is available via phone, online email contact form, or live chat that’s always available. A constant live chat option makes communications much more convenient and simple, so Ninja Number scores points for this feature.

Additionally, you can answer almost any question yourself with the Ninja Number database, or you can fill out the email form for a more in-depth answer from a representative. What's more, you can reach out to Ninja Number via any of its social media handles including Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Finally, if you'd like to get a lot more information about PBX, virtual cloud phone systems, and other relevant topics, you can browse through Ninja Number's involved cloud blog. It has articles on everything you can imagine, including helpful advice like "Sample Voicemail Greetings" if you can't figure out what to say or "How to Set Up Your Home Office for Maximum Productivity.”

The support staff was friendly and helpful when we called, and as mentioned, it’s always open.

International VoIP Calls

Currently, Ninja Number does not support international VoIP calling. However, you do receive unlimited incoming calls completely free. That’s a tremendous value for money, and if your clients are primarily based within the US, you will gain a lot from this offer. This also means that your customers can call you from an international number and you won’t be charged for an international call.

Unified Communications/Multi-Channel

Ninja Number offers a virtual PBX system that allows even small businesses to appear impressively complex and up to date using multiple extensions in one unified communications system. Set up your virtual phone system to include multiple extensions. Here’s how Ninja Number’s system works:

  1. Customer calls the office number.

  2. They reach the automated receptionist, which tells them which extension to press for each department.

  3. The system automatically connects the caller to the right department or individual.


The great thing about this Ninja Number feature is that you can have multiple “departments” with only a handful of employees, giving a more professional appearance to your customers (to build confidence in your brand). And, while you can forward or connect customers to several different extensions, everything is controlled and run via a single system that is totally connected. That means that all data, calls, and necessary details remain within the system for instant access and important reporting analytics.

About Ninja Number

Ninja Number, a branch of NextPB, is a virtual phone system management software that caters to small and medium-sized businesses. Its clientele span all industries, and even several major corporations take advantage of Ninja Number's easy to use product and effortless mobility.

With over 75,000 businesses, including top brand names like Dunkin' Donuts, Rolls Royce, Comedy Central, McDonald's, Dell, Adobe, AIG, and Hyundai, Ninja Number has been helping for almost twenty years now. Ninja Number specializes in telecommunications, virtual personal assistants, professional answering services, voicemail, virtual PBX, and other cloud-hosted telephony and PBX services.

Bottom Line

In closing, Ninja Number is a top-notch virtual communications solution that will benefit any small or medium-sized business greatly. With an easy-to-use system, smart features for better efficiency and communications, and effortless scalability, Ninja Number is arguably one of the best communications management solutions available. A strong, friendly, and knowledgeable customer support staff and tremendous client body filled with impressive brand names is further evidence of Ninja Number’s quality.. For anyone looking to upgrade their business by implementing a more professional, convenient, and feature-rich communications system, Ninja Number comes highly recommended.

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Physical Address

Headquarters: 33 Buford Village Way, Buford, GA

Contact Details

Phone number: 833-639-8729



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