Company Overview: relaunched in September 2007 as a no-contract and deliberately low cost VoIP service provider. It has Virtual Office and Home Phone products and is aimed at small business owners and residential customers. With a starting price for both branches being less than $10 / month, is a competitive and attractive provider. Compared to other service providers does not necessarily have the most features, but the virtual office package, in particular, does include the majority of basic features that you would expect from a VoIP service. Given that it is a relatively new contender in the market, it is not surprising that they have started with the simpler options, however, the company is growing and may well add features and capabilities as they expand.

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Features:'s business service allows you to create and manage a conference call with up to 99 participants. This might be ideal for a whole enterprise / company meeting, though it is difficult to imagine a scenario where most businesses would need so many participants.

  • Custom recordings

  • Advance Scheduling

  • Caller menus

  • Find me / Follow me

  • Mobile / cell / tablet compatible

  • Call statistics (for an additional fee)

  • Two server locations and a fully geo-redundant network

  • Voicemail to email transcription

  • Virtual number and toll free numbers

  • Internet fax receiving

  • No set up or cancellation fees

  • If you are converting to a virtual system from a standard private branch exchange (PBX) system, you can keep your current phone number.

  • Chatcalls – an application that lets you send text messages, which will be read out using an electronic voice. You can add emotions to the voice where you want to and can send the message to one or many phones, all at no extra charge.

VoIP Packages/Plans: offers unlimited minutes in the U.S. and Canada and unlimited extensions but international calls are not included. Internal calls between extensions are free of charge. offers four tiered business call plans, all under the umbrella of the Virtual Office program and based on the number of minutes provided (from 300 mins / month - 2500 mins / month).

Each business package carries the same standard features and rates for optional features. The price is solely based on the minutes. offers month-to-month rolling contracts or a contract option of one year (this option is cheaper) so there is flexibility there too. Basic rates start at less than $10 / user per month.

Customer Support / Ease of Setup: is a particularly easy service to use, with their focus on simplicity and user friendly products. Set up is quick for both business and residential systems. The online interface tool to manage your account is well structured and takes you through all the steps you need to set up and access your features. There is a section for FAQs that covers a wide range of topics and support is available via phone, email or live chat 24/7. The phone support is a local and toll-free number and you can speak to an adviser in English or Spanish.

Bottom Line: is a great option for those who just want to simply and easily unify their business or home communications, without any fuss or unnecessary features. It doesn't have some of the features that other business VoIP providers offer, but it does have a customer and user friendly feel that other larger providers have long since abandoned. It is a reliable up and coming provider that is ideal for those who are a bit less technically adept.

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